A web 5 forum to share ideas

A Web 5 (web 2 + 3) custom built forum to discuss, develop and share ideas between Spore holders.

Most importantly. We are doing a web2 authentication using web3. Yes, that’s right, we want to hear from you, spore holder, share your ideas and your content as we get ready for the next big bull market in a fully decentralized platform that does not require anything else than holding Spore to participate.

A mushroom at the roman forum by DALL-E

There are some improvements and implementations to be done:

  • Direct api interaction for cross platform information sharing (documentation will be found at docs.sporeproject.org)

The web2+3 framework opens up the possibilities to make games, polls and take collective decisions. Let’s build together and take Spore back to its rightful place at the top!

Visit us at forum.sporeproject.org

Sign up or login as a normal website:

But instead of giving away your email and password, use web3 public signature to authenticate:

There are minimum holdings to perform certain actions:

Make new topics within our different categories:

Hint: use markdown to make it look beautiful

Finally, we will implement API endpoints to relay twitter posts and other news and information directly to the forum (more information soon to be found at docs.sporeproject.org).



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We are #Spore, a community of artists, developers, and scientists. NFT market v1 now open. Fueled by $SPORE.