First steps to Community Governance arrive to Spore Forum

2 min readJul 28, 2022

Introducing: community polls, governance with a twist

After a discussion within our holders (here and here), many ideas have been proposed. We have 5 strong proposals that need to be discussed and voted to see where the community think we should we allocate our limited resources.

The way DAOs in general do their governance is at best, flawed — if not useless. First, just counting the amount of tokens that back a proposal option is a very simplistic and limited vision of what governance should be. This over-simplified system has allowed ridiculous proposals to pass. In addition, it does not allow small stakeholders to truly affect the protocol’s decisions. Some systems have been set in place to mitigate this monolithic machinery, but still the ultimate choice is given to large whales.

How will we count the votes?

Our initial voting system will include the following 4 components per poll option:

  • w = Total amount of $SPORE
  • x = Number of individual wallets above 500 billion $SPORE
  • y = number of individual wallets with LP holdings equivalent to 500 billion $SPORE
  • z = charter NFT collection holders
A simple formula to calculate the voting power

Each component will be multiplied by a constant (𝛼, 𝛽, γ, θ) and the results added up. The option with a highest score will be considered the winner.

We will monitor live the first poll to propose an initial weight for these constants with the possibility to adjust them via proposals. We believe everyone should have a voice, and that a true majority should have an opportunity to influence the direction of the development. We are already in WEB5 here, and we should bring the best of both web2 and web3. With no billions of dollars of capital at risk (yet) we will build a solid foundation for years to come.

Our hyperdeflationary token acts against malicious bots moving large funds into wallets as each transfer will incur in a 6% loss.

Mushrooms emerge together and they are part of the same organism.

Who can make proposals?

At this moment, only accounts with 8 trillion $SPORE or NFT holders are allowed to make 2 proposals.

What are the next steps?

The first polls will let the community decide where to go next. Head over to our polls website to vote. Head to our forum to discuss about these projects. Expect tutorials and more communication on how to use the forum and how to create and vote in future posts/videos.




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