NFT version 1: rationale and rules

Details of the fair launch

There are 3 fair locks implemented:

How to claim

Price list. 1b is 9 zeroes and 1t is 12 zeroes.
When the timelock has passed, hit CLAIM YOUR NFT for a chance to claim one.
If you are able to claim the first NFT, you will be able to see this.

What is coming next?

The NFT minting needs SPORE, but after this, each piece can be sold using AVAX, giving an aggregated value to SPORE.
The framework built around this first collection makes us able to create many custom collections, with their own standalone contracts, exclusively for many artists not only in the static images domain, but also animations and music, in where such artists can receive fees in SPORE.
Furthermore, the holders of this first collection will be able to vote on governance issues to decide on future SPORE developments.

Notes about the collection

A visual tour of the NFTs v1 divided into 7 collections:

The 72 NFTs shuffled in one single collage.

Contract and Github Repos

Mushroom Generator
IPFS and Metadata Generator
Frontend Code



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We are #Spore, a community of artists, developers, and scientists. NFT market v1 now open. Fueled by $SPORE.