NFT version 1: rationale and rules

4 min readMay 15, 2021

Ever since the start of Spore, the main goal is to strip greed away from the blockchain development, gathering minds alike. The first version of the Spore NFTs is the conclusion of a 100% community, greedless and decentralized development that has gathered 10 artists, 8 developers and countless hours of discussion with community members. The final touches of the smart contract were coded during two discord livestreams, having a completely open discussion about pricing and fairness, ending in the deployment of the contracts also in a livestream. This article shows a detailed explanation of the mechanics of the NFTs fair launch and their use case.

Details of the fair launch

There are 3 fair locks implemented:

Time Lock: the contract will only allow people to claim the NFTs after 6 hours after the fairLaunch function is called.
Sniper Lock: the first person to claim after the Time Lock will have only 1 in 3 chances of lifting the Sniper Lock, once this lock is opened, people will be able to claim all the NFTs normally (this is to prevent sniper bots).
Claim Limit: can only claim one NFT per wallet, preventing people to claim more than one NFT per wallet

How to claim

Price list. 1b is 9 zeroes and 1t is 12 zeroes.

First, approve the amount of SPORE you wish to spend max in claiming. Follow the price list on the left. Then hit approve and confirm the transaction in MetaMask. Now you are ready to claim.

When the timelock has passed, hit CLAIM YOUR NFT for a chance to claim one.

Immediately after the 6 hours are passed, the contract will unlock the claiming feature of the NFTs. The SPORE used to mint the NFTs will be sent to the burn address! (3% of this will be redistributed to the Avalanche holders and if the claim does not work you will get your SPORE back)
If you are able to obtain one, you will be able to see it in the section called “your NFTs”.

If you are able to claim the first NFT, you will be able to see this.

If you have one NFT you can put it up for sale for whatever amount you wish, if you buy them from the marketplace you are allowed to own as many as you want!

What is coming next?

The NFT minting needs SPORE, but after this, each piece can be sold using AVAX, giving an aggregated value to SPORE.
The framework built around this first collection makes us able to create many custom collections, with their own standalone contracts, exclusively for many artists not only in the static images domain, but also animations and music, in where such artists can receive fees in SPORE.
Furthermore, the holders of this first collection will be able to vote on governance issues to decide on future SPORE developments.

Notes about the collection

A visual tour of the NFTs v1 divided into 7 collections:

First 4: The First ones, made by Papipaz. Simple and nice, first artwork in our discord.
Second 8: Algorithmic shuffling with fractals. Mushrooms shuffled with different backgrounds and fractal features, a first dive into the algorithmically generated collections.
Third 12: First farmers of the galaxy. Also made by Papipaz, shuffled using Gamatar’s shuffling code on python.
Fourth 24: Gamatar’s lovely pieces of art. The code for making these ones has not been revealed.
Fifth 12: Various collabs featuring Freelancer’s and OrionDeimos’ mushrooms, Papipaz’ Spore Army, the BSC-AVAX bridge, many thanks to our first partnerships like JC’s ELKxSPORE, Olive, Panda, Penguin. Brotoshi’s LGM-Mafia microdosed toad villages, with the highest positive vibes ever.
Sixth 8: Bizarre Fungi Proliferation part 1 brought by Tchoco. An epic story of courage, strange properties and fungi, hand made exclusively for this collection.
Seventh 4: The legendaries. Watch Papipaz’ Red little riding hood, NightlyCatGirl’s Spora Fairy, Berkerk’s Just Hodl Mushroom and Mlototte’s Mushy repeat themselves in unique fractal backgrounds, a combination of hand made art and algorithms governed by math that repeat themselves forever.

The 72 NFTs shuffled in one single collage.

Many thanks to Gamatar for sharing the python algorithm code and ipfs pinner builders. Thanks to Micrasoft for building the frontend sunday afternoons, Scascar translation of the messiest JS code into typescript, NeokDev and Coconut Head for testing around the frontend and signaling some bugs, BadAngryCloud and DiegoRenatoB for helping me find the way into the code. And finally, thanks to all the community, all the 120k holders, because we are just getting started.

Contract and Github Repos

Mushroom Generator
IPFS and Metadata Generator
Frontend Code

NOTE: This NFT version is exclusive for AVALANCHE users, bridge some SPORE to AVALANCHE if you want to participate

Launch Time: Monday May 17th around 16:00 GMT. Exact UNIX time TBA.




We are #Spore, a community of artists, developers, and scientists. NFT market v1 now open. Fueled by $SPORE.