Spore announces a strategic partnership with Gaj Finance

The Spore team is thrilled to announce a long-term, strategic partnership with Gaj Finance, an extraordinary DeFi project that is launching on Avalanche on Monday, August 30. Founded just four months ago, Gaj Finance (originally launched as PolyGaj on the Polygon network) has been taking the world of DeFi and mainstream media by storm, not least due to its charismatic and immensely talented 13-year old founder Gajesh Naik.

From the first meeting between Spore and Gaj Finance, the synergies between our projects were too obvious to ignore. Spore’s expertise in brand-building and marketing and the Gaj Finance team’s engineering prowess make for an unbeatable wealth of knowledge and skill sets that will allow both of our projects to grow faster while working together, smarter.

Starting immediately, Gajesh joins Spore as a Technical Advisor while Spore’s team lead Whale Club joins Gaj Finance as a Strategic Advisor. Spore will lend the full breadth of its marketing and blockchain space know-how to Gaj Finance. Gajesh will contribute code to Spore and advise on technology issues across all stacks of Spore’s product line.

All of us at Spore are excited about this new relationship and looking forward to building better money, DeFi, and NFTs together.



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