Spore Finance Fair Launch

2 min readMar 18, 2021

Amazed by the Avalanche Network first generation of pools, this is the first reflect token there to be. On every transaction, 3% of the rewards are burnt forever and 3% are redistributed to all the owners. Earn frictionless rewards while your spores spread! Deflation reduces the supply increasing the token value over time.

All tokens in LP, all LP-tokens burned. Ownership renounced. 2.5% of the initial liquidity is burnt.

Total supply: 100,000,000,000,000,000 SPORE

Decimals: 9

Stealth and fair launch: first 24 hours after deployment only allows you to buy 1 million SPORE at a time.

Why Spores?

Spores are unicellular dispersal units, adapted for survival in unfavourable conditions and for long periods of time.

They are responsible for the spread of plants across the planet in the early days and mushrooms are spread everywhere because of them [1].

The purpose of mushrooms is to bear spores and release them into the environment. Any given mushroom may house and release as many as a billion spores. The spores are then carried by the wind or water and germinate if they land in a nice moist environment with a good food source. This method of dispersal has allowed for single species of fungi to be found all around the globe[2] .

Source of inspiration

Inspired by Tardigrades.Finance audited contracts, there is no possibility for the contract creator to mint or control what will happen after launch.


  1. Fair and stealth launch
  2. Upcoming farms / NFTs
  3. Partnerhips
  4. Governance
  5. Second layer blockchain development
  6. Cross-chain bridges


Token address: 0x6e7f5C0b9f4432716bDd0a77a3601291b9D9e985

2.5% of supply burnt tx: 0x7df1694004dd6e994d31f76c3978718e017fe6e6112482866051aca7ab90caa6

LP-burnt tx: 0xe3e92326e2993a270a2fdd44a7301e6adccb7dd1b40bcc4ed9ed88ec963a22ab - **Thanks to Sled Finance we correctly burned all the tokens**.

Renounced ownership tx: 0x5fa10181e6c9841aa2226b5468e2b92f0268feaf178626472428e9839ab76982

DEV wallet address: 0x88Dd784dFaaB1a7752d2CC81071Fcd12C1c4E1db

Buy on Pangolin DEX: app.pangolin.exchange

Chart: Pangolin Analytics

If you are reading this, thanks for supporting the descentralization of finance! Together, we can change the world!




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