Spore and Pangolin team up to supercharge the Avalanche ecosystem

DeFi is a fascinating space. Projects no longer depend on CEX listings for success, and teams rely on building relationships, finding synergies, and sharing knowledge within their ecosystems in order to differentiate themselves among an endless onslaught of clones.

The connection of Spore’s tokenomics to Pangolin was clear from the start. When SPORE tokens were minted in March 2021, they were deposited in a Pangolin liquidity pool with keys “thrown away,” locking that liquidity for eternity and setting off one of the most exciting experiments in the history of money: “How wil a hyperdeflationary currency behave when a significant portion of the supply is locked in a liquidity pool of a decentralized exchange, and how will this liquidity affect the users of the currency for generations to come?”

Fast-forward to July 2021. Spore’s following is approaching 200 thousand people, and Pangolin has firmly established itself as a leading DEX in crypto. Spore is one of the first Avalanche-native tokens to be rewarded by Pangolin for providing liquidity — a remarkable demonstration of community governance in a DAO setting and one of the first events of its kind in blockchain space.

In addition to being fellow leading projects in the fast-growing Avalanche ecosystem, our teams are also united by ideas that are essential to any startup, whether centralized or decentralized: a willingness to help others and share knowledge, an ironclad business ethic, and a commitment to the vision of providing products and services that will democratize and reinvent money. Instead of viewing our users in terms of the TVL they can provide, Spore sees each new holder as a valuable member of the ecosystem we are all building together and as a new friend. We recognize similar values in Pangolin.

Later today, Pangolin will announce a special promotion to share some of the excitement about this partnership. The alliance will go beyond trading logo space on our respective sites. Spore and Pangolin will share marketing and technical expertise between our teams, and, together, we will drive the adoption of DeFi and acceptance of hyperdeflationary money. Earth is ready for both.



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