We are SPORE

2 min readMay 11, 2021

The Spore project was announced just two months ago to a relatively small audience. As we are about to celebrate our 100,000th user, the question “What is Spore and where do we go from here?” demands honest thinking and soul-searching before coming up with an answer that will satisfy our near-term ambitions, long-term vision, and the community-driven roadmap. We have been asking ourselves these questions for the past couple of weeks. Spore prides itself on its community and the strength and diversity of this awesome group. We consist of artists and scientists, developers and hackers, rebels who call themselves anarchists and others who believe in order.

One thing is becoming clear, however. We are already outgrowing our original Discord and will probably outgrow Telegram in the near future as the number of users keeps exploding and communication channels continue to require robust scaling.

Which brings us to one little detail. Our name. The project was originally named Spore Finance by the founding developer (who is just a scientist that knows a thing or two about organic matter) in a nod to the DeFi movement of 2020. Perhaps not unexpectedly, Spore has now outgrown its original moniker as well. We have never provided financial services (although those reflect rewards on Avalanche are quite nice) and do not intend to become a financial services company. We are therefore shedding the “Finance” part of the name and becoming simply Spore.

Who are we? We are Spore.

That brings us to one last point: the domain. Spores may or may not have been recently found on Mars, but we can say with confidence that we originate from Earth. Consistent with our vision to become not just a cryptocurrency but a movement that will overtake the entire planet, fueled by a token that will make its way into the wallet of every Earthling, we have chosen spore.earth as our home on the web.

While billionaires are hyping sending memecoins to the Moon, Spore is busy doing work here on Earth. We invite every human, animal, plant, and mushroom to join us in this global movement.

Together, we are #SPORE.




We are #Spore, a community of artists, developers, and scientists. NFT market v1 now open. Fueled by $SPORE.